How we plan to save real cats with our indie game

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2 min readMar 5, 2021
Jura, our programmer, already saved cute Bagira ❤

Cats in Time is a relaxing mobile game in which you explore 3D dioramas, solve puzzles and save cats lost in time. In the real world, cats’ lives can be all but relaxing. They are sometimes lost in space, left in the streets, and hungry. We love our cute virtual kitties, but we also love real-life cats, and we wanted to help them too… and we had an idea!

In cooperation with “Prava Šapa” (Croatian for “True Paw”) we’ll help street cats from our hometown (Zagreb, Croatia).

“Prava Šapa” is a non-profit cat rescue association that found new homes for more than 600 lost cats since 2017. You can read more about them here (Google Translated page, but it should be fine :)). We’ve pledged to buy 10kg (~22lbs) of cat food for every 100k cats saved from the game!

It’s not much, but we believe that this small action could at least raise awareness and help with much needed food.

What can you do?

  1. You can donate directly to “Prava Šapa” or to your local cat rescue organization.
  2. Take care of your cat(s)!
  3. Adopt a cat from a shelter.
  4. Play Cats in Time and help by saving virtual kitties lost in time.
  5. Share the game with your friends and family.

We’re a small indie game developer, and Cats in Time is our first self-published game. If you want to support our work, the best way is to play and share our work.

Download Cats in Time on the App Store

Download Cats in Time on Google Play

STATUS UPDATE #1(May 25th, 2021): We just hit 2M cats saved and we’ve sent our first donation to “Prava Šapa”! Thank you all for playing, sharing and helping kitties! ❤

STATUS UPDATE #2(Oct 10th, 2021): We just hit 8M cats saved and we’ve sent our second donation to “Prava Šapa”! Thank you all for playing, sharing and helping kitties! ❤



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